Medication Automated Systems (MAS)

MAS is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the sale, installation and service of robotic packing systems with a dedicated team of professionals providing onsite training and after sales service.

MAS provide an automated medication packaging system that is technologically advanced with unique and patented features. MAS devices are simple to use, compact enough to fit in any sized pharmacy, and can provide multi-dose or unit-dose packaging safely, accurately and quickly. Packaging is done at a speed of up to 60-70 doses per minute with the use of a technologically advanced automated machine. MAS provides all your needs for generating DAA (Dose Administration Aid) in a cost effective, productive and innovative environment.

MAS has extensive model range to meet the demands of DAA from the smallest community pharmacy to the largest Hospital Pharmacy.

Technology in the field of DAA has evolved in the last decade and MAS has maintained a leading position in product innovation and system development. MAS has patent features that sets it apart from any other packing system with increased productivity and enhanced performance levels.

Sachets generated by MAS packing machine have great advantages over traditional blisters as being a more efficient and accurate dose administration aid.

MAS software provides a state of the art electronic-health stream, with a web-base application that is easy to use and access by all healthcare professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists). MAS software provides high level of effective communication between all healthcare professionals.

MAS have always conducted itself to put clients first, with ease of access and prompt response to the needs of each individual pharmacy.

MAS will continue to evolve, develop and deliver the latest in the field of Medication Packing for DAA.

MAS Australia Pty Ltd

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